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Mount Damavand Iran

Useful Info for Mount Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand is the most distinguished character of Iran closed to the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. It has a small summit crater with perpetual snow top which encompassed by numerous gorgeous pinnacles of the Alborz Mountain. Damavand is visible a long way, from 250 km in a clear sky. Just underneath its crater there are couple of well known glaciers, icy masses, for example, Yakhar, Sioleh and Dobi Sel. Damawand is situated around 70 km north east of mega city Tehran, halfway the Haraz Road close to the Amol city in Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Due to its extraordinary tallness, the view from top is extremely broad, a major scene of mountains and valley covering numerous hundred of square Kilometers. Around the mountain are different pinnacles of the Alborz Range, in the north to the Caspian Sea plain and in the south to the deserts of Iran. It is the most noteworthy pinnacle of Iran and Middle East and the most astounding in the event that you make a trip from Europe eastbound to Iran.

Damavand Mountain Iran

Damavand Mountain

Damavand Trek

Hiking & Trekking Damavand Iran 2018
Hiking Damavand the tallest and the most prominent summit of Iran is a life time memory. The experience of climbing to this summit with a group of trekkers from the world is very rewarding. Before trying  this giant mountain you better read the necessary information for climbing this huge mountain. In our Damavand Forum you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions and the most common answers about trekking Damawand.

Damavand First Campsite – Camp 1 Polour

Best starting campsite for trekking  Damavand is Camp 1 Polour. This hut is the best place for accommodation and resting in the area and the best starting point for trekking either from south route or west route. Polour Resort is made and is administered by Iran Mountaineering & Climbing Sport Federation.

Damavand Trekking Season

Damavand trekking season starts from mid-June and it is to mid September. The best time for a summer trek is in July and August. In this period the footpaths are generally free of snow, the weather is usually moderate. More detail Damavand Timing. Although the campsites are crowded in summer season, but the beginners are strongly recommended to attempt the mountain during summer season only. Best starting day is Saturday. Note: Weekend in Iran is Thursday/Friday.

Damavand Cap Cloud, Photo Ardeshir SoltaniDamavand Cap Cloud During Sunrise
View from Sorkheh-Hesar Park Tehran
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

Damavand Difficulty

Damavand is well-known for its gentle slops. Trekking this great mountain is technically moderate but physically it is a tough challenge and good physical fitness is necessary. The main challenge of the climb is acclimatization and the weather. Damavand Difficulty for summer trek is comparable to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt Everest Base Camp. But winter climbing is a quite different story and may be compared to a 7000 meter above sea level peak or even more.

Damavand Location

Mount Damawand is situated in Larijan district in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran. It is near the south coast of the Caspian Sea in the middle of the Alborz Mountain range about 80 Km (by Haraz Road) North East of Tehran. The coordinates and the GPS landmark of Mount Damavand south peak is: Latitude 35-57-19 N, Longitude 52-06-37 E.

Damavand Winter Climb

Mt Damavand is a popular peak for summer treks. Damavand Winter Climbing is very difficult challenge. Despite its mild climbing slopes, freezing temperature and strong winds makes winter climb very difficult. South face is the best route for winter sport activities. Other faces are more difficult. For a safe trekking you should be very experienced, physically very fit and well-equipped. You need a high skilled experienced guide. You need a good timing and good weather. You must be well-supported and be ready for any risk.

Damavand Winter Season

Damavand is situated closed the Caspian Sea. It receives heavy snowfalls in autumn, winter and spring. Damavand Winter Season may start from mid October and last to mid April. In winter condition the wind speed may reach above 100km/h and windchill temperature may drop to -70°C.

Best Source of Information for Mt Damavand Iran

Recommended by Lonelyplanet – Iran (printed English guide book 6th edtion 2012 – page 73):
Tow excellent source of information on all things Damavand:
Damavand Info: (our website) and Mount Damavand Guide: (our weblog).

Trek Damavand Iran, Italy Dream Team August 2012
Damavand Trekking Tour
Italy Dream Team approaching the summit crater
August 2012 – Photo Amir Manian

Damavand Ski Touring 2019

Damavand Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoes & Ski Mountaineering

Damawand Ski Resort is the highest ski resort in I the middle-east and one of the world’s best off-piste ski resorts. This mountain is a popular target for trekking, ski touring, off-piste ski, Alpine style ski, snowboard and snowshoes tours.

Damavand South route is the best side for Ski touring. It is more difficult to ski on the other routes. Skiers must ascend on feet or on ski to the peak because there is not any mechanical lifts such as cable car, lift chair, gondola or telecabin in this ski resort.

Damavand Ski Season

Generally speaking Damavand Ski Season may start from November till mid May. It is possible to ski in winter and spring. The amount of snowfall is different each year. Because of its proximity to the Caspian Sea, Damawand absorbs a great amount of snow in its snow field in autumn, winter and spring. In a good snow season it is possible to ski downhill approx  12 Km on mild ski able slopes.

Damavand Winter Warning

Due to high wind speed, very low temperature, stormy weather, snowfall and foggy condition, icy trails and other risks Damavand winter activity is tough and very risky. Winter sports such as winter climb, ski tour, snowboard and snowshoes are graded as very difficult on this mountain. Read more Damavand Winter Warning.

Damavand Trekking Tour 2019

We are the leading Damavand Tour Operator based in Tehran, Iran. Our guides are the most experienced mountain guides. We organize a wide range of quality tours to Damavand and other Iran mountains for hiking & trekking, climbing, ski touring, snowboard and mountain biking. Visit Damavand Info in Facebook.

We organize different trekking tours extending from a simple summer hiking ideal for beginner, up to advanced Alpine style mountaineering tour in winter suitable for experienced climbers. Many individual climbers, mountaineering groups and tour agencies use our guiding support each year. We support incoming groups with the best possible Services. Visit also our Guestbook.

Damavand Skitouring, Hymalia Club April 2013
Damavand Ski Touring
Hymalia Club, April 2013
Photo by Ali Fard


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