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You may find many feedback and Damavand trip reports, testimonials and recommendations about our services either in our main website in English in Guestbook or on the internet  in different languages.
Mountaineers who have used our services to trek Damawand or other sightseeing tours in Iran are welcome to send us their feedback, comment, recommendation, trip report and express their idea about our services. Feel free to make any recommendations and suggestion by sending a message (by email). This will help us to improve our services in the future and will give a better idea to other incoming tourists.

A- Damavand Info Guestbook

Visit more than 30 Damavand trip report on our main website Damavand InfoGuestbook

B- Travel Reviews on the Internet

Hikr – Damavand, 5671m – 2014: German
Mountain trips (Damavand Express) 2014: Catalan
Alvand peak a Mount Damavand: 2014: Czech

Демоны в моей голове , ДЕМАВЕНД Иран 2013: Russian

Iran 2012: Spanish
Expedição ao Monte Damavand 2012: Portuguese
Escalando o Monte Damavand 5671m no Irãn – 2012: Portuguese

Damavand, Iran 2011: Norwegian

Nils Ottar Molde from Norway 2010: English
Damavand im Schatten des Klimawandels 2010: German

Petter Bjorstad from Norway 2007: English

Italian Team, August 2012, Mount Damavand Tour
The Last Steps to Mt Damavand Peak
Italian Dream Team, August 2012
Photo by Amir Manian

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