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Trek Dena
The most popular peak in this mountain range for Hiking & Trekking is Dena Peak. Dena summit (also called Hoze-Daal in lori) is closed to the city of Sisakht about 35 km to the north of Yasuj. The other famous peaks in Dena range with more than 4,000 meters height are: Bijan 1, Bijan 2, Bijan 3 and Pazanpir.

 Popular peak for hiking trekking is Dena Peak (Hoze-Daal)
Trek Dena
Popular peak for hiking trekking is Dena Peak (Hoze-Daal)

The average annual temperature of Dena mountainous region is between 5° to 15° C. The mountain tops over 4000m are generally covered by snow in most seasons. Annual precipitation in Mount Dena ranges from 600 to 1800 mm and various rivers including a branch of the Karun rise in this range.

Si-Sakht is the main starting point for hiking trekking Mt Dena. This small beautiful town is in south west of Iran in the foothills of Dena and has natural and beautiful sceneries and pleasant weather condition. Sisakht is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province.

During winter season the weather is cold and snow covers the area. In other seasons, the weather is relatively milder wet, warm and cold climates can be found in different parts of Zagros Mountains.

Dena Protected Wildlife Zone
Dena Mountain has a protected wildlife zone covering exclusive herbaceous diversity. The snow-covered summits, glaciers and water rivers and unique ecosystem in this region have made Dena Mountain a protected wildlife zone an ideal place for fauna and flora. Iran’s High Council of Environmental Protection has declared part of the Zagros as protected area. Dena protected area is a great zone in terms of plant species and it is considered a valuable genetic capital for trees, forest, and pasture plants, medicinal, edible and decorative plants. The wildlife of this area represents the biodiversity of fauna in Zagros Mountains.

Flora & Fauna
Different types of plants grow at different hights and sides of the mountain making whole area full of vegetation. This area has at least 1000 plant species of which 90 are tress and forest tress and the rest are bushes and plants. The most abundant tree species of this region is chestnut. Other forest species include Boneh, Zalzalak, Bid, Chenar, wild cherry and etc. There is no forests in the north face of Dena Mountain zone mainly because it has dry and semi-dry weather conditions. But on the south foothills and west slopes there are mainly covered with forests of oak, wild pistachio, mountain almond. Tulips, orchids, primroses, and tansy are common flowers in the area. Fauna and life present in the region are, Large brown bears, partridges, eagles, vultures, bearded vulture, leopards, wolves, wild cats (Black-eared in particular), ferrets, Persian squirrels, falcons, larks, ewes, and wild goats.

There are numerous caves in Dena. Naturally and geologically unique caves are spectacular tourist attraction in the region. The most famous Caves in Dena are “Ice Cave” and “Char Char Cave”. Yakh Cave has many beautiful ice columns (sometimes 15m thick) and waterfalls which make the area a spectacular eco-tourism site. Cave Dofiri , Cave Nevel , Water Cave Dan Ghezloo, Kaykhosro near Khafr Village Gorge, elevation: 3850m are the other caves of Dena mountain.

Gorges and Passes
Maymand Pass (elevation: 2560m) in the NW aspect and
Bijan Pass (elevation: 3200m – the highest mountain pass in the area).
Bozkosh Gorge/Valley, on the ascent to Howzdal-e-markazi, is a well-known valley in Dena.

Glaciers and Rivers
Permanent glaciers are the main source of water in Padena and Boyerahmad region. Dena is source of tens of streams and rivers in the Kohkiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Province. There are lots of springs in the area.

Kurd, Lor and Lak nomadic people live in Zagros. Kurds live in Kurdestan, Ilam, and west of Urmieh Lake, Lak nomads live in the north and northwest of Lorestan, while Lors reside in other parts of Lorestan as well as parts of Ilam, Chahar-Mahal-Bakhtiari, Kohkiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad, Fars, and Busher provinces. Lors who live in Lorestan are called Junior Lors while others who reside in other regions are called Senior Lors. Members of Bakhtiari Tribe, the largest migratory tribe in the country, live in Chahar-Mahal-Bakhtiari, while members of other reside in Kohkiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad, Bahmani and Mamasani.

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