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Hiking & Trekking Tour to Alamkooh and Mt Damavand Iran
Alam Koh (also called Mount Alam) is an excellent peak in north of Iran. Because of its similarity, great height and also representation of a good-looking summit, its nicknamed as Alpine of Iran.

Hiking & Trekking Tour to Alamkooh, Iran
Hiking & Trekking Tour to Alamkooh, Iran
Photo by Azad Mountaineering Team
A Beautiful Local House in Roodbarak near Alamkouh, Iran
A Beautiful Local House in Roodbarak near Alamkouh, Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

The height of AlamKooh is 4850 masl and it is the 2nd highest mountain in Iran after Mount Damavand (5671 masl). Mt. Alam-Kuh is located near beautiful city Kelardasht district in Mazandaran province. It is a sub-range of Takht-e Suleiman Massif in Alborz Mountain. AlamKouh has many different routes for hiking & trekking, bouldering, rock and ice climbing.

Roodbarak mountain hut AlamKooh, Iran
Roodbarak mountain hut AlamKooh, Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Trek Tour to AlamKoh and Mt Damavand
Trekking tour to Alam-Kooh peak (4850m) for acclimatization and then challenging Mt Damavand summit (5671m) in one itinerary. Ascend 2nd and 1st highest peaks of Iran in one program. This summer hiking program is the best plan for incoming foreign mountain tourists to have enough preparation and acclimatization before attempting the giant Damavand. It is possible to do modification to the itinerary to best suit your travel to Iran. You may add more days to the package and reserve some days for bad weather, more preparation or your team being exhausted to continue the schedule.

Vandarbon mountain hut Alamkooh, Iran
Vandarbon mountain hut Alamkooh, Iran
Photo by Ardeshir

8 Day Itinerary Alam Kouh + Mt Damavand
Day 1: Transfer from hotel in Tehran to Rodbarak or Vandarbon. O/N hut/local house/tent.
Day 2: Trek to Hesarchal. O/N tent.
Day 3: Climb Alam Kuh summit 4850 m. Descend to Rodbarak/Vandarbon. O/N hut/local house/tent.
Day 4: Transfer from Rodbarak/Vandarbon to Camp 1 Polour (altitude 2270 m). O/N C1 hut/local house/tent.
Day 5: Transfer to Camp 2 and trek to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom (altitude 4250 m). O/N C3 hut/tent.
Day 6: Trek to Damavand summit (altitude 5671 m) and descent back to the Camp 3. O/N C3 hut/tent.
Day 7: Descent to Camp 2 and transfer to Camp 1 and Tehran. O/N hotel
Day 8: Reserved day for bad weather. O/N C1/C3/hote/hut/tentl. Tour ends.

Vandarbon Mountain Hut Alamkoh Iran
Vandarbon Mountain Hut Alamkoh Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Important Note
Remember reaching Alam Kooh and hiking in the area highly depends on trekking season, weather condition and Iran holidays. To go to Alam-Kuh you must pass Chalous road and for Damavand you should pass the Haraz road. The mentioned roads are the only ways to these mountains. Two narrow mountainous and very busy main roads which pass through Alborz Range and connect Tehran to the Caspian Sea in north of Iran.
On Iranian weekends (Thursday/Friday) and during the Iran holidays there are heavy traffic jam on these roads. To ease the movement of the cars the roads are turned to one way direction by police in the peak of traffic jams. Generally speaking the best starting day is Saturday to avoid traffic problems and also to avoid the Mountain Crowd.

Hesarchal Camping Site Alam Kouh, Iran
Hesarchal Camping Site Alam Kouh, Iran
Photo by A.Soltani

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Alam Kouh Summit 4850 masl.
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Middle of Alborz mountains sub-range of Alborz.
South west ridge, Khersan peaks. Gardoonkooh (4402m) Haftkhans.
North ridge, Germans flank – Shanehkooh (4485m) – Takht-e-Soleiman (4669m) – Siahgoog (4446m).
East ridge, Shakhak peaks – Siahsang (4604m) – Chaloun(4516m) – Siahkaman (4472m)
Alamkouh Glaciers, Alamchal glacier, north. Split glacier, west.
Khersan glacier, south between Alam Kooh, Khersan and Marjikesh.
Marjikesh glacier, south between Marjikesh and Siahsang.
Other Climbing Walls in Iran Bistoon 1200 m, Dorfak 850 m, Yafteh 850 m.
Definition and Alternate Spelling, In Farsi alam means flag and Kooh means mountain.
علم‌کوه ,قلّهٔ علم کوه , Alam-Kuh, Alam-Kooh, Alamkouh, Alamkoh, Alamkuh, Alamkooh, Alam kouh, Mount Alam.
Tehran – Karaj (by high way) – Chalous Road – Marzanabad Junction – Kelardasht – Roodbarak – Vandarbon.
Chalous City – Chalous Road – Marzanabad Junction – Kelardasht – Roodbarak – Vandarbon.

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