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Dena mountain chain is a sub-range of Zagros Mountain Range.  It is located in south west of Iran closed to Yasuj city and Sisakht town. The beautiful Mount Dena is about 80 Km long and it has approx. 50 peaks above 4000m.

Dena Moutain, Trek Dena mountain, hike Dena peak, climb Dena summit
Dena Moutain in Zagros Range
view from south

Most peaks in Mt. Dena have two names! One name in Farsi (Persian) and the other in local language Lori (Luri). The highest peak in Dena Mountain is Ghash-mastan or BIjan III. Bijan 3 is 4435 meters above sea level.
Foreign mountaineers who intend to climb Damavand Iran in Alborz mountains are advised to have few days acclimatization and preparation on other Iranian high mountains such as Mt Dena before experimenting the giant Damavand volcano. The most favorite summit for hiking, trekking and mountaineering in Dena mountain zone is called Howzdal e markazi (Central Hovz-Dall, also called Dean Peak) which is 4360 masl.
Dena is located between Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh Boyer-Ahmad and Isfahan Provinces in Iran.

Dena Trekking Tour, Mount Dena Peak, Central Hovz Dall (Hovz daal markazi) Summit
Mount Dena Peak
Central Hovz Dall (Hovz daal markazi) Summit
Dena Trekking Tour by Azad Mountaineering Team

Dena Peak
Hovzdal or Dena Peak is one of the main tourism attraction among Iranian mountain climbers and also foreign mountain tourists in Zagros Mountains. Central Hovz-Dall (Dena summit) is the most popular summit of this mountain for hiking, trekking and mountaineering. The route to this peak passes through the beautiful Boz Kosh Valley (Boz-Kosh Gorge, دره بزکش) on the south face of the mountain.  

This route has a shelter/refuge called Cheshme Pouneh (or Cheshmeh Pidani, پناگاه چشمه پونه) at altitude 3800 masl, about 2 hours before the summit. Sisakht city is about 35 km from Yasuj City and is the favorite starting point to reach Mt Dena. Yasouj city is the capital of Kohgiluyeh Boyer-Ahmad province.

Trekking Tour Dena mountain, hike Dena peak, climb Dena summit.
Bozkosh Gorge Mt Dena
Trekking Tour Dena mountain
Climb Dena summit from south route

Alternate Names and Spellings
Dena mountain, Dena peak, Dena summit, Dena mountains,
Dena mountain range, کوه دنا – قله دنا
Hovzdal, Howz Daal, Hovz Dall, Central Hovz Dall,
Hovz daal markazi, حوض دال مرکزی, حوض دال
Cheshme Pouneh, Cheshmeh Pidani, پناگاه چشمه پونه, جانپناه چشمه پونه
Boz Kosh Valley, Boz-Kosh Gorge, دره بزکش

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