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Damavand Campsites and Resorts

For a successful ascend to Mount Damavand Iran you should know the necessary information about this giant volcano, trails and campsites. Trek to Damavand summit is not technical and does not require major trekking skills. The main challenge of the climb is acclimatization and accommodation. In this topic you can find the essential information for Damavand south route accommodation, lodgings, settlement, tenting and camping.

1st Camp – Polour Resort

Polour Camp is the best summer and winter starting point for mountaineers who want to trek Damavand either from the classic south route or the west face of the mountain. This campsite was made by Iran Mountain Climbing Federation in Polour Village in 2001 near the Haraz Road. Read details in Camp 1 Polour Hut.

Damavand Camp 1 Polour Resort
Damavand Camp 1 Polour Hut (Altitude 2270 m)
Accommodation Place for South and the West Routes
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

2nd Camp – Goosfand Sara

Goosfand Sara (sheepfold) also called Summer Base Camp, or Saheb al Zaman Mosque is a mountain campsite situated at at the elevation of 3040 meters above sea level and is the summer starting point for Damavand  hiking. Here there is a little mountain haven or shelter, a mosque called Saheb Zaman (or Saheb al Zaman) and a sheepfold. Find more details in Damavand Camp 2 Base.

In summer trekking season, vehicles such as 4WD Jeeps and land rovers carry climbers and their
gear to this campground. You may find water and some food here. However it is recommended to bring and utilize your very own staff. It is possible to use mule/donkey to carry your gear to the top camp called Camp 3 Bargah Sevom.

Damavand 2nd Camp Smumer Base Camp
Damavand 2nd Camp Goosfand Sara
or Summer Base Camp (altitude 3040 masl)
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

3rd Camp – Bargah Sevom

Bargah Sevom is the 3rd and the last mountain resort of Damavand South face. In this resort there is an Old Shelter/Refuge, a New Hut and some area for tenting and outdoor camping. The New Hut was made in 2009 by Iran Mount Climbing Federation and gives accommodation and some other services to climbers and mountain tourists. Find more information in Camp 3 Shelter and Camp 3 New Hut.

Damavand 3rd Camp Bargah Sevom old Refuge
Mt Damavand 3rd Camp Bargah Sevom
Old Shelter 4220m
Photo Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand 3rd Camp Bargah Sevom New Hut
Damavand 3rd Camp Bargah Sevom New Hut (Altitude 4250 m)
Photo Ardeshir Soltani, 2 June 2009

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