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Damavand Equipment

Equipment List for Trekking Mount Damavand Iran
For a safe trek to Damavand peak, it is necessary to bring the proper gears. Even in summer season have suitable equipment to protect yourself in case of bad weather and emergency. Depending to the weather forecast on the summit day, you can decide which gears you need to take with you and which unnecessary equipment to leave behind at last camp (camp 3 Bargah Sevom). Some of the most important things to bring are listed below.

Equipment for Mt Damavand Irans

Equipment for Mt Damavand Iran
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Tour Equipment
When you apply for a tour, some gears are provided by your tour operator. Just bring your personal equipment.

Personal Gears to Bring
– Earplug, to block undesirable noises which may disrupt your sleep in shelter/hut.
– Good/strong trekking shoes or boots (-10 to -20)
– Warm Jacket and pants (rain/snow/wind).
– Main backpack (plus a small summit (attacking) backpack).
– Ski or trekking poles (stick).
– Warm Gloves (Polar/liner/wind).
– Hat, warm pile/wool hat (better to cover ears), balaclava, baseball cap, scarf.
– Glacier/Sun glasses with Side Covers 100% UV, IR.
– Sunscreen cream SPF 40 or better.
– Small personal first-aid kit.
– Head lamp.

Gears Provided by Tour Operator
Do not worry about some gears, we may support you while you are on the mountain, you do not need to bring the followings:
– Sleeping bag (bring lining).
– Mattress.
– Tent.
– Cooking gear.
– Eating utensils.
– Food and drink.

Mount Damavand Summer Trekking

Summer Equipment
Gear List (brief)

– Trekking shoes and Socks.
– Sleeping bag, mattress, tent.
– Jacket and pants (Gore-Tex or Synthetic rain/snow/wind).
– Main backpack plus a small attacking (summit) backpack.
– Ski or trekking poles (stick).
– Gloves (Polar or Wool with liner).
– Hat, warm pile/wool hat (should cover ears), balaclava, baseball cap, scarf.
– Glacier/Sun glasses with Side Covers 100% UV, IR.
– Sunscreen cream SPF 40 or better.
– Cooking gear.
– Small personal first-aid kit.
– Water Bottles (and Purification tablets).
– Toiletry bag.
– Travel clothes.
– Camera.
– Headlamp.
– Swiss Army knife.
– Travel clothes.

Not Necessary in Summer Season
– Crampons
– iceaxe
– harness
– rope

Italian Team, August 2012, Mount Damavand Tour Trekking Tour Damavand Mountain Iran

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