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Cost & Price Damavand Tours

Damavand Hiking & Ski Touring
Mount Damavand Photo Gallery
Photo A. Soltani

We organize Damavand tours in two categories:

Damavand Economy Group Tour (Summer season June to September for trekking)
We offer Damavand economy group tour to reduce the cost of travel to Mount Damavand Iran and support most logistics necessary for this tour. The estimated cost to take part in a group tour with the mentioned itinerary and services in summer 2019 is 380 Euros per person. Read the necessary details in EconomyTour.

Damavand VIP Private Tour (All seasons, for trekking & ski touring)
Get benefit of a tailor made VIP Private Tour in any season to best suit your time, we support all logistics and services necessary for this tour. (best starting days is Saturday). Visit also Crowd and Iran Holidays.

If you have an inquiry about the price of a private tour to Iran first choose an itinerary (from Climbing Itinerary or Ski Itinerary) then fill in the following form and send it by email and let us know the necessary information about your travel so we can estimate the cost of your program based on the provided information and give you the best possible price.

Cost per person

To estimate Damavand private tour price per person copy the following form and paste it in your email client or in a notepad (any text format) then fill in the the required fields and send it by email.
If you need help to fill the form please see example below.

Required Info
1- Your name:
2- Your age(s):
3- Gender(s):
4- Nationality:
5- Itinerary:
6- Climbing route:
7- Starting date of Damavand tour:
8- Exact number of participants in your team:
9- Your mountaineering experience/level(s):
10- Services and logistics you need:
11- Do you need ski or mountain guide:
12- Do you need Iranian visa support:
13- Type of hotel you need:
14- Arrival and entry date/time to Iran:
15- Planned entry point:
16- Departure date to your country:

Damavand Iran 567 masl
Highest Peak in the Middle East
Second Highest Volcano in Asia and the Northern Hemisphere
Photo by Anosh Soltani

Required Info
1- Your Name: John Smith
2- Your age(s): 25, 35, 45 years old
3- Genders: Two males, one female.
4- Nationality: German
5- Itinerary: 5 day
6- Climbing route: South route
7- Starting Date: 24 Aug 2019
8- Exact number of participants in your team: 3 persons
9- Your mountaineering experience/level(s): Ordinary up to 4000 m
10- Services and logistics you need: Full package
11- Do you need ski or mountain guide: Yes, we need mountain guide
12- Do you need Iranian visa support: Yes 
13- Type of hotel you need: 3 stars
14- Arrival date/time to Iran: 23 August 2019, at 10 AM
15- Planned entry point: IKA Airport Tehran, Iran
16- Departure date: 31 August 2019 at 11 AM

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