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Damavand Volcano

Mount Damawand is an ideal cone-shape volcanic mountain. It looks like Fujiyama Mountain in Japan yet it is considerably greater. The summit has a crater around 150-200 meters crosswise  with yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones, the hole likewise contains a little pool.

Damavand is a dormant volcano that last erupted around 6000 – multi year prior. In the historical times there has been no recorded eruption of liquid magma. Some trusts this mountain is an extinct volcano. However, there are sufficient evidence, for example, warm hot springs on its lower inclines and intense fumaroles vent close to the summit vent that demonstrate Damavand Volcano is dormant. On the best there is a summit crater, around 150-200 meters over, with bunches of yellow rocks containing.

Volcano Damavand isn’t volcanicaly an active volcano and no eruption has been recorded in historical times so is accepted to be quiet, yet it isn’t altogether a terminated volcanic cone. There are many hot springs on the lower slants and hot sulfur gases (fumaroles) developing close to the crater. These warm springs under the ground and steam vents on the summit show that a hot magma body is available underneath close to the surface of the earth which demonstrates that the volcano is somewhat dynamic and it is a sleepy stratovolcano as opposed to being terminated.

Damavand Volcanic Activity

At the altitude of 5400 meters above sea level there is a sulfuric area called Tapeh Googerdi (sulfuric hill) which emits some sulfuric gas and it makes some problems for mountaineering. There are some hot springs on its lower slants like Abe Garm Larijan, Cheshmeh Abe Ask, Abe Garm Estra Bakoo and Gogerdi Baths. At the top there is a crater around 150-200 meters in diameter with a considerable measure of yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones.

In spring of 2007 Volcano Damavand started some extraordinary activities like vital emission of gas, steam, sulfurous materials at the summit and increase in natural hot spring temperature at the slops.

Volcano Damavand

Volcano Damavand Iran

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