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Damavand Tour 2019
We organize a wide range of quality tours to Mt Damavand Iran for trekking and ski touring. We are experienced mountain tour operator and many mountaineering groups, individuals and tour agencies use our guiding support each year. Visit our Guestbook.

Generally we organize Mount Damavand tours in two different categories:

Damavand VIP Private Tour (all seasons – trekking & ski touring)
We suggest tailor made VIP Private Tour in any season to best suit your time and support all logistics and Services needed for this tour.

Damavand Economy Group Tour (summer – trekking)
We offer Damavand Economy Group Tour to reduce the cost of travel to Iran and support the most logistics necessary for this tour. The estimated cost to take part in a group tour with the mentioned it itinerary and services in summer 2017 is 480 Euros per person.

Mt Damavand Economy Group Tours

Cost and Price
We offer the best competitive price for our Damavand Economy Tours. The estimated price to take part in an economy group tour with the mentioned below services and supports in summer 2019 is only 380 Euros per person.
Remember the offered discount price is 100 Euro cheaper compared to the previous years due to the present economic sanctions policies, current economic difficulties and also foreign currency exchange rate (US Dollar/Euros Vs Rials) in Iran.

Damavand Economy Group Tours in 2019

June 2019
ET Jun 1-3
ET Jun 8-10
ET Jun 15-17
ET Jun 22-24

July 2019
ET Jul 1-3
ET Jul 6-8
ET Jul 13-15
ET Jul 20-22
ET Jul 27-29

August 2019
ET Aug 3-5
ET Aug 12-14
ET Aug 20-22
ET Aug 24-26

September 2019
ET Sep 1-3
ET Sep 10-12
ET Sep 14-16
ET Sep 21-23
ET Sep 28-30

Remember this package is not suitable for US, UK and Canadian passport holders because they should take part in a guided tour from aiport to airport! Read more in Iran Visa for US, UK & Canada Citizens.The mentioned nationalities may apply for a Damavand VIP Private Tour.

Economy tour is a budget friendly program for individual climbers who intend to share their Damavand travel costs with other hikers and to enjoy the aspect of being with other teams. It is designed to enable individual climbers to join other mountaineers keen on reaching the summit from different countries and climb in a team work with the lowest possible budget.

Damavand budget tour is financially cheaper compared to Damavand Private VIP Tour. Economy tour is not so flexible in term of timing, itinerary and privacy also it is not a full package tour. But despite its limitations it supports the necessary services for the trekking when money matters

More Damavand Economy Group Tours
Each year we organize only few group tours in economy tour category. But we may arrange more Damavand trek in budget plan if there are at least 3 participants in your team.We will consider requests for further Damavand economy tour class in summer season only. Interested hikers may be in touch for the latest information. Let’s work together to finalize all the arrangements.

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