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Information About Mount Damavand Iran (Website Under Construction)

Mt Damavand

Mount Damavand (also called Volcano Damavand) is in the central part of Alborz Range in north Iran near the Caspian Sea. Damavand height is 5671 m, 18605 ft above sea level. It’s the highest volcano in Asia, 1st highest peak in the Middle East and the 2nd highest volcano in the northern hemisphere. Snow covers Damavand mountain in the wintertime and the upper parts in other seasons. Its wintry white peak with it is regular clouds is the most beautiful sight of Iran. Snow covers the whole mountain in winter and the upper parts in alternate seasons. Damavand (in Persian دماوند) has a small summit crater generally with snow-top and cloud. The white top with its consistent lenticular Cap Cloud is the most lovely sight of country. Damavand is encompassed by numerous gorgeous pinnacles of the Alborz Chain. The perspective of this gigantic mountain looks more alluring from away than closeup. In a crisp morning it is visible from a long way, about 250 km away.

Mount Damavand Iran
Winter View from Polour Village
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

  Damawand is a notable image of Iran and has an incredible place in Iranian legend, legendary stories, craftsmanship and photography. In all actuality it is a brilliant lethargic spring of gushing lava that conveys some sulfuric smoke. Numerous myths and stories are identified with Damawand Iran. The most punctual try to climb Damavand was made by unknown local Iranians. They climbed routinely to gather sulfur from the summit for business purposes. The primary recorded climb was made by an English pilgrim called W Taylor Thomson in 1837.
Damavand Mountain Iran

Damavand Mountain

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Damavand Iran Mount Damavand Iran
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